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Beside the piano services outlined below, we also offer a full line of band and orchestral instrument repair, electronics repairs (organs, keyboards, amplifiers, heads, church systems), professional quality guitar setup.

  • Band & Orchestral Instrument Sales and Repair
  • Band & Orchestral Instrument Service Repair
  • PianoDisc - Installation, Upgrades and Service
  • QRS PianoMation - Installation and Service
  • Yamaha Disklavier - Service Technician
  • Piano Tuning - Setting all strings to the proper pitch.
  • Regulating - Setting action parts to factory specifications.
  • Repairs - Replacing broken strings, parts, adjustments, etc.
  • Voicing - Changing or restoring the piano's tone.
  • Historical Tuning - Setting strings to historical standards.
  • Cleaning - Thorough cleaning of the action and piano.
  • Restoration - An overhaul to make like new again.
  • Brokering - Selling your piano via our system of contacts.
  • Sales - Quality new and used referrals in all price ranges.
  • Appraisals - Determining the piano's current market value.
  • Evaluations - Determining repair needs and related costs.
  • Consulting - Purchasing and Maintenance advice.
  • Bench repairs - Hinge, leg, and structural repairs.
  • Piano moving - Professional referral anywhere.
  • Cabinet repairs/touch up - On site/professional referrals.
  • Accessories - Covers, bench pads, lamps, dollies, etc.
  • Piano Climate Control Systems - Product and installation.
  • Edwards String Covers - Keep dust and moisture out!
  • Piano Le Caster Cups - Protect your floors.

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