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Piano String Covers

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...CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM! All the dust and debris stays on top and it just takes a minute to shake it off outside. It is a real pleasure to see strings that look new after 8 or 10 years of use.

LaRoy Edwards, RPT

...YOUR STRING COVERS ARE GREAT! My first proof was a piano at Malibu Beach that "no technician could keep in tune." With the addition of your string cover to the humidity control system that was already installed, the tuning has stabilized completely. I no longer install a Dampp Chaser System without making it "complete" by adding one of your covers.

Richard Davenport, RPT

...HERE IN OUR BEACH COMMUNITY the salt air wreaks havoc in unprotected pianos. Your string covers are LIFE SAVERS!

Russell Brown, RPT

...WHEN EVALUATING PIANOS for my customers, I find that pianos with your string covers consistently yield a higher appraisal value. The covers really do PROTECT THE INVESTMENT as well as the piano.

Mark Adams, RPT

STRING COVERS (Formerly Edwards String Covers)

  • Made of highest quality woven wool. Easily dry cleaned.
  • Can be left in at all times, or removed easily for special occasions. Nothing is attached to the piano.
  • Custom made and custom fit with serged edges and decorative stitching. Cloth covered battens on the back keep the cover from touching the strings.
  • Completely cover the strings, soundboard, and tuning pins and plate.
  • Greatly reduces Rust - moisture doesn't get on the strings.
  • Improves tuning stability - moisture doesn't get to the soundboard.
  • Keeps the piano clean - dust and debris stay on top of the cover.
  • Improves the benefits provided by a humidity control system - keeps the air contained around soundboard.
  • Colors available: Black, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, Medium Blue, Red, Burgundy, (WHITE - IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


  • Up to and including 6' 1" - $419.00
  • 6" 1" to and including 8' - $449.00
  • 8' 1" to and including 8' 11"- $499.00
  • Larger than 8' 11" - $559.00

Call 336-887-4266 to place your order. We will need to know your piano Brand (Make - Name) and Model (for size consideration), your choice of color, and your embroidery preference. Certain restrictions apply for service area.

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